Court Rules 30-Year-Old Man Must Leave Parents House

The days of mooching off Mom and Dad as long as possible may be coming to and end after a recent court ruling by a NY judge. He told a 30-Year-old man to immediately leave his parents house. 

Michael Rotondo lost his job 8 years ago and moved back into his parents house. His parents are currently on non-speaking terms with the single grown man who they call "son". His mother has even given him 5 different notices to leave the house before she took him to court. 

New York State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood told him his parents had no "obligation to provide support" and that he needed to vacate immediately. (Source: ABC News)

Rotondo was upset about the verdict and tried pleading to the judge for more time but he wasn't hearing it. He said he plans to appeal.... not sure with whose money?

He looks like a dude that would live in his parents basement. I just wanna say this Micheal, don't see this as a set back. This is a new beginning for you. There is so much in the real world to see and explore beyond your star wars figurines and Xbox. There's beautiful places to travel, lakes and oceans..... real vagina!! 

It's been pointed out too... he looks a lot like a famous rapper:

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