Father Takes His Late Son's Girlfriend To Prom


A father in Pennsylvania is still grieving the loss of his 19-year-old son from a bad car accident but knew his son wouldn't want the love of his life to miss her prom, so he made her night magical.

 Robert Brown was devastated by the death of his son just a few weeks ago but when he heard that Carter's girlfriend wasn't going to prom now, he wasn't about to let her lose that memory. He decided to ask her to prom and make the night special in his sons honor. 

Kaylee says, "I didn't have to think about it. I definitely said, 'Yes.'" Robert wore a suit and picked Kaylee up. He took her dinner at the restaurant she and Carter went to on their first date, and then he escorted her to the prom. (CBS News)


He said he knew it's what his son would've wanted and he would for sure not want her to miss that night. He was excited to come back from college to go with her and didn't get the chance to. 

What an amazing thing to do! This girl would've had a horrible memory to hang on to forever had she missed it for that. Not to mention, on the night of prom, she would've been in shambles. This Father made sure that she had joyful memories of her prom and something to smile about! WOW!



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