Punk Band NOFX Makes Disturbing Remarks About Route 91 Shooting


Punk band NOFX is known to be pretty outlandish and push the edge but they crossed way over the line with the latest statement at a show. 

The band can be heard bantering on stage around the 9:30 mark about being shot. To which the lead singer makes a joke about the Las Vegas Route 91 shooting, "At least they where country fans and not punk rock fans".


Fans can be heard booing, with a smattering of awkward laughter. 

Punk rockers are known rebels but this is just disgusting and distasteful for anyone to joke about. It could've happened at any concert by any band. I would say I'll never listen to this band again but I HAVE never listened to this band before so I guess that wouldn't be saying much. Listening to my son bang hi toy drums while his sister cries at the top of her lungs is actuall ymore melodic than what I heard on this video anyway.



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