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Top 10 States That Drink The Most Beer

The annual lists of "States That Drink The Most Beer" has been tabulated and I was quite shocked to see where Georgia landed in the Top 50!

24/7 Wall St. reviewed beer shipments in each state per resident 21 years and older in 2017 with data provided by According to Beer Marketer's Insights, and the U.S. Census Bureau, among other figures to deteremine what states consume the most frosty deliciousness. 

Here are the Top 10: (CBS 8)

10. Texas

9. Vermont

8. Nevada

7. Nebraska

6. Maine

5. Wisconsin

4. South Dakota

3. North Dakota

2. Montana

1. New Hampshire

So GA didn't even make the top 10....or the Top 20 even. Where did we land? 40th!!! That's almost at the bottom. Some of the best beer in America is made here and we come in at a weak place like 40th?

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