Officer Lip-Synch Challenge Goes Viral From Georgia Police Officer

The newest Viral challenge is too fun! It's the Officer Lip-Synch Challenge. Police officers from around the U.S. are jumping in the lip-synch battle each other with fun songs. The lastest viral sensation is Anthony Heard Sr. from Elberton, GA.

Heard dances and sings along to Luke Bryan's song "Country Girl (Shake It For Me)" and it's pretty amazing! He's already surpassed 920K views and will more than likely break the million mark soon! (I can't embed it so CLICK HERE to watch on his FB)


Several other pretty amazing ones have gone viral too. Police officer in Chicago did one of my favorite I've seen. The lip-synched to Queen and it was EPIC.


Then officers from Loredo, TX covered Spice Girls "Wannabe".... also pretty amusing!


This officer had the help of his daughter to lip-synch Taylore Swift. 


I love this challenge! I challenge all ATL area PD to do it and tag @949TheBull and @OtisOshow so we can share it! 



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