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New Internet Challenge Jumping Out Of Moving Car To Dance Is Dangerous

Rapper Drake released a new song called "In My Feelings" has  sparked a new internet dance challenge that could get you killed. 

The challenge is to hop out of a moving car and do the dance that goes with the song. Some people are doing it on FREAKING interstates??! As if hoping out of the drivers seat of a moving vehicle on a regular rode isn't dumb enough. 

Here was my attempt on Lake Lanier. 

I'll give you, that the dance challenge is kind of fun and amusing (the first 50 times you see it) BUT, so many things can go wrong when you let a car drive a long by itself. DO IT WITH THE CAR IN PARK PLEASE!!


And for sure don't do it if you're to stupid to slow down to a snail pace first!

OK WAIT.... WHAT THE ........

I will admit....... this car jacking version was pretty solid!!

Will Smith mic dropped everyone though!

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