Florida Man Arrested For Chasing People With An Alligator In A Gas Station


Robby Stratton is facing several charges and started an investigation by Florida Wildlife for taking a 4-6ft alligator into a gas station to chase people around for beer! 

Stratton is seen in the video he posted online threatenin people with the reptile sayin, "Is he taking the last bit of beer? You aren't taking the last bit of beer are you?" (FoxNews)

The alligators mouth was taped but it was still a pretty dangerous stunt for everyone around, including Robby.... but sometimes "alcohol man", as Robby told CBS 47 News when they interviewed him!

This guy needs to be the new Busch Beer spokeman. Just have him do dumb "Jackass" stunts and end every commercial with  "alcohol man"!

Watch his new interview:



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