Ink Pen Busts In Brides Hair Days Before Wedding

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One week before my clients wedding, her pen that was in her ponytail burst. What number is this on your "worst ever" scale?! 😧😧😧 *she fixed it lightener and 10 volume, 5 mins, either way, it was the craziest thing I've ever seen. DON'T PUT YOUR PEN IN YOUR HAIR. @dee_vious1

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It's wedding season!! How many have you been too the past few weekends? This past weekend was actually the biggest wedding weekend of the year. 

This bride from Canada had a bit of a freak out moment days before she was about to walk down the aisle. She used an ink pen for a bun holder (as many women I've seen do a lot) and the pen exploded in her bleach blonde hair!!! #WeddingFail

Her stylist shared this photo and wrote, "DON'T PUT YOUR PEN IN YOUR HAIR!" 

What's your worst wedding fail? What happened right before your big day that had you SHOOK?!

Listen to these horrible things that happened to brides:



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