Woman Shows Off "Strange" Triplet Baby Bump


I'm sure the adventure of having 3 babies growing in your belly is one that is strange in itself and exciting all at the same time. @Triplets_of_copenhagen has been chronicling her journey in IG for her followers and the beauty and wonder of pregnancy is on full display. 


Maria from Denmark is shocked by how large her belly has gotten over the past 34 weeks and is close to the end. She wrote, “It’s strange to have ended up with such a big belly and it’s even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down." 

She's had some pretty tough times with the pregnancy with Braxton Hicks, sore skin, and even rashes but is staying positive saying "good to know there is only 4 days left and I won't be bored for the next 18 years."


Congrats and God Bless you in delivering those precious babies! Get this woman a TLC show! 



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