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Woman Details "Date From Hell" On Twitter

Ryann Miller is going viral after tweeting about the "Date From Hell" she experienced after a Bumble match. 

Miller used the dating app Bumble and set up a dinner date and some drinks with a potential love interest. She met up with Brandon who was 38-years-old. He started the date ranting about previous horrible dates he'd been on and even started bashing her about "women your age" don't do this or that.

He continues being horribly rude to the waitress and even throwing a little tantrum at one point.

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Eventually, after 3 beers and a big steak, Brandon says he needs to use the restroom. He then proceeds to bail on the date and check and texts her on the way out "hard no... fatty".

RyMill1003 Twitter

WOW!!! That guy is awful! I still think after that she is the winner. Yeah she's $100 short now, but compared to dating the horrible human being for several months before realizing he is a horrible excuse for a man, she came out ahead.

Probably met up with is buddies and complained about how he can never find a good girl these days. "All I'm asking is she looks like Jessica Alba and doesn't speak. Is that asking too much?!" Yes... when you look like a Sasquatch yourself... you stop being so choosy bro! 

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