Couple Wins Wife's Weight In Beer By Winning Annual Wife Carrying Contest


The annual Wife Carrying Championship was held in Newry, Maine this weekend and one couple just won a trip to Finland and 12 cases of beer. 

Jesse Wall and Christine Arsenault, completed the 100 yard course in 58.72 seconds to take the crown and beer. They done it for a few years and even one the competition before. They said they wanted to be one of the few couples to win a championship twice. 

Despite the mud pit, sand mount, and log fence the hardest obstacle is not saying things like "Ok... I can't! Holy crap I didn't know you weighed that much!"  or "Dang, Think you could've laid off the Twinkies a little hun!" 

The couple will travel to Finland to compete in the World Championship soon. Hopefully she doesn't enjoy too much of the beer before then! Dang it... see can't say things like that. 




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