Man Fakes His Death On Motorcycle To Propose


This has to be one of the worst ways to propose to a girl EVER! Faking your death for the surprise!?

Jeffrey Delrio enlisted help from Philippine police to fake a motorcycle accident and death to shock his girlfriend and pull of the "best" proposal. As his girlfriend walked up on the scene she started balling and became hysteric as police asked if she knew the man and played up the horrific scene. 

That's when Delrio rolled over and popped out a ring box. She continued crying and smacked his arm after realizing it was a prank and she was being asked to marry him (My wife would've literally made sure I was dead If I pulled that). How stupid! Good news though, she's got an amazing sense of humor it seems. I guess it makes some sense.... he's pretty much giving up his life to marry her.

Are we all just gonna ignore the "Hello Kitty" bike he was riding though? I mean that's enough ground for her calling it off even without the death proposal. 




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