Philippines Man Invents a Flying "Drone" Car


A man in the Philippines based his flying car design on the very popular drones. He's been working on it for six years and finally perfected it. 

 Kyxz Mendoza from Quezon City, Philippines calls his invention 'Ultralight Aircraft' and is working on a two seater version he wants to mass produce. The overcrowding and massive traffic problems in the Philippines where his inspiration for wanting a flying car. The flying vehicle has a metal frame with a carbon fiber shell aand is powered by batteries. Minor issues with it are that it takes two-and-a-half hours of charging time and can only fly for 12 to 15 minutes. I'm gonna need that perfected because that wouldn't even get me to work in Atlanta! 

However, just watching this thing in action... I NEED ONE! How cool! Mass production of flying cars still scares me though. I mean, you've seen how people drive cars.... that are on the ground! Imagine the stupidity of those people trying to figure out how to fly! 



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