Dutch Man Wants To Legally Change His Age To 20 Years Younger


Emile Ratelband is challenging age barriers and claiming his natural age is holding him back from so many life moments....mainly Tinder. 

Ratelband is challenging Dutch officials and asking them to let him legally change his age to 20 years younger. He's really 68-years-old but says he identifies as 49 and they government should respect that choice. I mean, his doctor did say his body is as healthy as a 49-year old, he told The Guardian.

"I suffer under my age because I much more younger", Ratelband claimed, "when I ask for a mortgage...they say it's impossible. When I'm on Tinder, then I get woman from 68 or 69". He gets really hung up on the Tinder thing. Come on bro! You don't need Tinder for that. Just get a bigger bank account. 

He also claims if they let him change his age to younger, "I have hope again. I'm new again!"

Look buddy... I get it. I don't like to remind myself how old I'm gettin either. No one does. I identify as 22 when I'm drinking too. however, my liver's response every time:



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