$500 Storage Wars Unit Has $7.5 Million In It


The A&E reality show "Storage Wars" auctioneer Dan Dotson says one storage unit auction for $500 turned into a $7.5 Million find. 

Dotson said a storage unit in Southern California had a bunch of items in it including a safe. Eventually when the safe got cracked the couple who bought it found $7.5 million in cash. 

“It was an amazing story,” Dotson told The Desert Sun as he recalled the exchange. “She said, ‘I just gotta tell you this story, my husband works for a guy that bought a unit from you and there was a safe in there.'”

Dan Dotson on A&E@auctionguydan

This unit sells for 500 bucks, buyer finds 7.5 million cash, attorney reaches out on behalf of the previous owner & nicely offers 1.2 million dollars back in return for all money back. What would you do?New @aetv Nov 7th 10/9c  @storageauctnet @paytheladylaura

In video posted to YouTube, Dotson and his wife recounted the story and showed off the bags of cash that were found in the unit, asking their followers what they might do if they found the money. 



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