The Holderness Family Re-makes "Baby, It's Cold Outside"


The Holderness Family is known for their hilarious parody family videos. This year with all the controversy of the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside", they've re-made it to be a little more PC.

Some women's right groups where calling "Baby, It's Cold Outside" offensive because he is "holding her against her will" and specifically the line "What's in this drink?". They felt like it promoted assault of women. 

Dean Martin's daughter has denounced those claims, saying her father wrote it in a light hearted way to be a fun love song. The line in question was just how people spoke at the time when drinking alcohol, as a humorous statement. 

The Holderness family knocked it out of the park with this hilarious parody! 

Here are some more fun videos the Holderness family is famous for. "Christmas Jammies" was one of their first big viral videos:



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