Astronaut In Space for 197 Days Learning To Walk Again


NASA astronaut A.J. 'Drew' Feustel ,had to re-learn to walk after being stuck in space for 197 days in the international space station. 

Feustel, a Michigan native, shared the video of his journey to re-learn gravity and walking writing, "Welcome home Soyuz MS09! On October 5 this is what I looked like walking heel-toe eyes closed after 197 days on ISS during the field test experiment. I hope the newly returned crew feels a lot better."

NASA astronauts AJ (Drew) Feustel and Rickey Arnold, and cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos landed southeast of Kazakhstan on October 14 this year after almost 200 days in space. 

The Russian unit bringing them all back to Earth sprang a leak during re-entry but held together and they made it back safe. 

It's one thing to be stuck at work... but for almost 200 days and you can't even get back to your planet!?



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