R.Kelly Is Officially Under Criminal Investigation In Fulton County


I watched the entire "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary just released and am completely sick to my stomach by the allegations those women made about the singer. Fulton County has announced that because of the series, they have officially started an investigation into Robert Kelly. 

According to TMZ, Fulton County District Attorney's Office has opened an investigation and are interviewing many of the victims featured in the program. They are also starting to look into Kelly's actions that may have been criminal in Georgia. No charges have been filed yet, but with all the alleged video taping Kelly was known for, I'm sure evidence shouldn't be too hard to find. 

At the end of the series it features 2 women who R. Kelly allegedly is currently keeping from their families and has control over. One of the women, Joycelyn Savage, her family is working closely with Chief Investigator Cynthia Nwokocha. I applaud Fulton County for being the first to step up and look into this. 

Innocent until proven guilty but he should've been convicted the last time he was charged with Child pornography and they had it on video! That jury should be ashamed of letting that monster get away with that when they could see it with their own eyes! Anyone that had knowledge and helps assist him in breaking the law should be held accountable too. 



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