Dashcam Captures A Toddler Falling Out Of Moving Car

Watching this video gave me so much anxiety. Thankfully after the child fell out of the moving car, it looks like she is ok but how did the driver not notice?!

This is a big reason why strapping your child and car seat in correctly is BEYOND crucial. I catch my son messing with the locks and doors a lot, but I can't imagine this moment. A toddler in Minnesota is seen on another cars dashcam, falling out of the car as it turns and the door opens. She was strapped in the car seat, but it seems the car seat wasn't strapped in right. 

Accident or not, this parent should be charged with neglect for this. It's unacceptable and could've ended so much worse. I hope they came back! 

I've seen too many cars with kids jumping around in the back or not strapped in going down the interstate at 75 mph. It's sad and disgusting. I always call police with a plate. 

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