Is It Raining Spiders In Brazil?


A 14-year-old in Brazil took a video of what looked like spiders raining from the sky. The video has now gone viral with people reeling in fear! 

In the video taken by a local boy, hundreds of spiders are seen clustered in the sky of Espírito Santo do Dourado, reported by Experts say they are raining down as it looks. It seems during the humid and warm temps, these spiders build giant webs and cluster together in an effort to help each other catch food. Silk threads act as parachutes, so the rain of spiders is also called 'ballooning'."

OH..... STILL HELL NO! Burn it down! I can't! That checks Brazil off of my list for vacation spots this year. Spiders are my absolute worst fear. I don't want anything to do with them ever. UGH! Can't! 



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