Russian Woman Tries Stripping For A Loan


There are many people in the world who strip to get money.... but typically it's not right there IN THE BANK!

A bank surveillance video from Kazan, Russia, shows Yulia Kuzmina, in the bank talking with a loan officer about a car loan. After filling out the paper work and being denied, she gets desperate and tries other measure of persuasion..... like getting naked. 

In a video that recently went viral, Kuzmina starts by pulling up her shirt for the loan manager, then takes it all off to expose herself to him. The manager tries keeping his cool, before finally grabbing her coat, to cover her up, and walking her out. 

Some sources claim that Yulia Kuzmina works as a stripper, which hasn't been confirmed. Sadly, she still didn't get the loan. However, I'm sure she received enough one's on the way out to at least make a good down payment. 

I'm sure that was a once in a lifetime situation for the loan officer. He really should have helped explain what her breast options would be from here. Maybe she just misunderstood what he meant by "visible assets". 




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