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Tennis Great Shares X-Rated X-Ray Photo On Accident

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2-Time Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray was left pretty embarrassed by his latest Instagram photo that exposed WAY more than his bones to his fans.

Murray was sharing his progress after surgery in London on his hips when he put up an X-ray of the area. He unfortunately didn't notice that you could see all he owned in the picture as well.

Fans where quick to tweet about the mistake saying, "'Wonder if any one realised you could see @andy_murray twig and giggle berries on the hip replacement x ray. anyway andy murrary wish you a speedy recovery.' Another wrote, 'Hey @andy_murray x rays don't just show bones my friend. No pun intended. please rethink your insta post.'

WHOOPS! Didn't need to see the size of your racket bro!

Murray has yet to take the picture down. I'm sure his DM's are pretty full by now though. May just wanna make that his Tinder profile picture at this point.

Medical experts are confident that the procedure will help Murray live pain-free but say it's iffy for him to recover enough to compete at that high of a level.

If tennis is over, I'm, gonna guess he'll have several other jobs offers "popping up" from Playgirl, or Pornhub fairly quickly.

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