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Georgia Man On The Run After Selling $1 Million In Fake Super Bowl Tickets

Gwinnett Police are fast on the search for a man from Gwinnett County, GA that sold almost $1 Million in fraudulent Super Bowl 53 tickets.

Ketan Shah, an Atlanta-area businessman, is on the run and his wife reported him missing this yesterday. Police say he scammed a dozen people into making them believe he had a great deal on tickets for the Super Bowl in Atlanta. As they started figuring out the tickets wouldn't work and they lost thousands of dollars, police got notified and Shah had apparently skipped town.

Gwinnett police say it wasn't just strangers, Shah also scammed family and friends as well, EVEN HIS OWN MOTHER! She refused to press charges on him.

"The money totals well over three-quarters of a million dollars,” Cpl. Wilbert Rundles of the Gwinnett County Police Department told WAGA-TV

One victim, Alan Tartt, told NBC News that Shah's wife told him she hasn't seen him since Jan. 3. “I reached out to his family, friends — no one knew where he was,” Tartt said.

Shah will face multiple counts of theft by deception if he is caught, according to police.

I'm so glad I didn't buy tickets to that game after the way it went. I really wanted to, but I was really afraid of this happening too! That's A LOT of money to lose. I'd guess he's not even in the country anymore. Such a worthless and low human being. Awful!

He's been on the run for a while now, He's probably got more yards than both Super Bowl teams combined.

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