Young NC Boys Stop And Honor The Flag Being Raised At Fire House


This picture of two young North Carolina boys saluting the flag being raised is so awesome! It's taking the internet by storm as people share it over and over.

I remember learning the pledge of allegiance in school and saying it every day. I hate we've gotten so far away from the pride we all share for our country. I think it's still there in the masses but social media has us too busy arguing over petty things to stop and realize we still live in the greatest country on Earth!

It was shared by the Roseboro Fire Department. They where holding a ceremony to raise the new flag at the fire house, when they noticed these two boys stop playing and put their hand over their hearts. They then recited the pledge of allegiance to themselves as the flag was raised.

The Roseboro FD wrote on FB, "This afternoon as Chaplain Herring was raising the U.S. flag to full staff, he looked over to the intersection and saw these two young people standing there with hands on their heart saying the pledge of allegiance. Permission was granted to use this picture that was hurriedly taken. God bless our community."

We need more of this in our world. I applaud these young men and the parents who are raising them right. Love this! #America



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