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Georgia Couple Finds Love in Target, A True Love Story

You truly can find anything you'll ever need in target.... and a million thing you don't need but buy anyway. This Target love story though.....

Instagram user @Ohhhmygoss, Abbie-Liegh, found her viral love on a random shopping trip to Target. Buzzfeed chronicled their love story from start to engagement.

She wrote on Buzzfeed that she had simply gone to Target to shop with nothing really to get. She stumbled upon the iPhones section and came across a cute guys selfie that he'd taken. She went on a funny quest to find him, posting the picture to he snapchat with the #FindTargetGuy. Not thinking anything would come of it... but boy was she wrong.

After it went viral she got a Snapchat back FROM THE GUY! They started dating a few weeks later and even rescued a puppy together on their 8 month anniversary.

It was just 2 years later, Austin took her back to the spot they....sort of met, had "Will You Marry Me?" written on the iPhones and Tablets and her proposed.

The couple is set to be married soon and all from a random trip to Target.

Thus, proving that you can REALLY find anything in Target! Congrats to them and God Bless!

P.S. Their Dawgs Fans too!!

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