ANOTHER Door Bell Licker Is On The Loose


The strange video of a man licking a doorbell took the internet by storm about a month ago, when a man in California was seen licking a doorbell for over 3 hours. Now there is another man who was seen on a Ring doorbell camera doing the same thing!

This time in Lake Worth, FL. A man walks up to a random strangers house with a magazine or newspaper and begins licking the doorbell over and over. He also licks the magazine in his hand. It seems he may be on some sort of drug, as he is dressed sort of like a sweaty pirate too. So what is this infatuation with doorbells? Is this a new fetish thing?

I'm now a bit curious, to be honest. Not that I'm going to try it anytime soon, but maybe we're all missing how great it is? Haha

This picture doing anything for ya? I mean it does resemble the female anatomy a little I guess, but the germaphobe in me kinda wants to puke at the thought!

I, sort of, got a reason for such a fetish when I got the last doorbell licker on the phone to chat with me. Things got very odd.



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