NBA Unveils New Futuristic, Hologram Number Changing Jersey


The future is HERE... at least for the NBA and the new hologram jerseys that where just unveiled at the NBA Tech Summit.

Commissioner Adam Silver spoke the the summit and revealed the newest Jersey technology that allows you to change a name and number on a jersey with the clock of a button. A newa “smart jersey of the future” the NBA’s invented. It's a customizable jerseyone can change to show different players’ names and numbers. Silver joked "this could put Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin out of business".

Some people where in shock and others where confused by the new technology. Doesn't seem very practical for on the court, as players have no need to change their name mid game and rarely change their numbers. Fans, however, will absolutely love the new technology when they have several different favorite players.

What do you think? Pretty SICK right?



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