People Angry Over Photo Posted Of Tish Cyrus And Safe Full Of Weed


Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus is taking some heat after posting a picture of his wife Tish and a boat load of marijuana in a safe.

Cyrus posted the pic on his Twitter and wrote, "Yes! Like I said yesterday @TishCyrus.... my how the times they are a changing #CrAzYMaMa". Many people called them out for getting special treatment by authorities because they are "rich", claiming "if this was me, Id b n jail". Another comment was "Think of all the people incarcerated right now on marijuana charges. And you wonder why so many people understand that criminal justice is often neither fair nor just."


Tish was quick to respond to the backlash writing, "First of all … my husband @billyraycyrus is INSANE,” she posted. “Second, this picture is also insane, and third this is NOT my weed or my house. Hahah. But if it was, that would be amazing for so many reasons!”

I, personally, think marijuana has great medicinal value and should be de-criminalized, so I'm not as triggered by the picture as some people. However, I'm not sure flaunting it on social media is a very classy look, when you are a parent.


Or convincing your kids to "smoke weed again".... that's a bad look too. You're their parent regardless of age, not their best friend.



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