Innovative Girls Scout Uses Jason Momoa's Abs To Sell Thousands Of Cookies


Sometimes to be a great sales person, you have to get creative. That's what one 5th grader is doing to sell girl scout cookies in droves with the help of Jason Mamoa's abs.

Charlotte Holmberg, has people buying Girl Scout cookies in droves, after putting a photo of shirtless Jason Mamoa on her boxes. Charlotte came up with the idea of using the “Aquaman” star’s ripped torso when she saw a Twitter meme showing Momoa shirtless, sitting on top of a giant Samoa cookie. She says people are buying them like crazy and said it's, “The moms... getting really excited and they’re saying they need them.”

Charlotte sold over 2,000 boxes last year and was the top seller in her troop, gaining her Top Cookie CEO status.

Why hasn't any one used any Vicki Secret Model's on the "Thin" Mints. Just an idea!


Who am I kidding though, I fell victim to the high pressure sales pitch at Kroger the other day. One of the cute little girl scouts said "Hey!" and I was like, "Fine, give me all the thin mints and a box of Samoas." I couldn't resist.



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