Gangster Grandma From Georgia Takes On Naked Intruder


A Gangster Grandma from Georgia has found new viral fame after fighting off a naked intruder with 2 guns.

Gwendolyn Agard of Commerce, GA told a naked man that broke into her house "If you come in here, you a dead SOB". The 79-year-old said the 20-year old suspect grabbed a rubber mallet from a nieghbors shed and busted into her back door. That's when she grabbed a revolver and fired off a shot to warn the man that she was serious. He ended up running upstairs and hiding in a closet. She grabbed another gun and held him there until police showed up.

This was her 911 call as she is nervous but brave on the phone:


Police found 20-year-old Hans Rogers wearing girls pants inside the closet and arrested him for the break-in. He's is a lucky man to still be alive. Gwen wasn't playin'!

She is my new favorite super hero! She's like the real life Madea! Love her!

(11 Alive)



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