2 People Arrested After Sword Fight With Tongs At A Buffet

A fight over crab legs at a Hunstville buffet ended with 2 people arrested, but not before a sword fight with tongs broke out.

Huntsville police officer Gerald Johnson was eating at the Meteor Buffet when 2 patrons got into a physical altercation as the crab legs hit the buffet line. Reports says that customers had been waiting in line for over 10 mins before the legs arrived. Angers flared on who was gonna get them first and Chequita Jenkins began assaulting John Chapman. The two then got into a "fencing" sword fight with the tongs before it was broken up.

Jenkins was charged with assault and Chapman with disorderly conduct.

This is literally a fight I feel like I'd have to break up with my 2 and 5-year-old kids. "STOP IT! Put the tongs down! They are swords... don't hit brother!"

Seriously though... it can't be that hard to get crabs in Alabama. Ok wait... that didn't sound right.


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