Man Caught Completely Asleep Going 75mph In Tesla


A video of a man sleep behind the wheel of his car going down the highway is going viral and terrifying people about self-driving cars.

CBS 17 talked to another driver who caught this crazy instance on video as he was driving down an interstate in Florida. A man was literally passed out and going 75 mph down a busy interstate.

Some Tesla models have "auto-pilot" which allows the car to basically drive itself. A Telsa spokesperson said that this mode is only designed to be used when a driver is fully aware and able to take controls at a moments notice. It's not safe to completely fall asleep and let the car do it's thing. This could've ended HORRIBLY.

I have a huge fear of thing just like this when we start letting vehicles control themselves. An even bigger fear is if we start letting people have flying cars! I will just stay home at that point. If you haven't already noticed the ignorance of people traveling down super packed Interstates in Georgia, I can't imagine letting those same people have flying cars or cars they assume will just do it all for them.

Technology may be getting a little too far ahead.



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