Woman Shoots Boyfriend For Snoring Too Loud


Another great #MoronMonday story! Most people would grab a pillow to hit someone with if they where out-of-control snoring, or maybe a hard elbow nudge. This Florida woman grabbed a shotgun and tried to kill her boyfriend because of his loud snoring.

47-year-old Lorie Morin got so aggitated by her boyfriend of 3 weeks and his obnoxious snoring, she grabbed a shotgun and shot him while he slept. According to Brevard Country court documents, the couple had been heavily drinking that night, went to bed, the victim had even purchased breathing strips to help, but Morin said the snoring was too much. She shot him to shut him up.

Neighbors where in shock by the minor reason she chose to use deadly force. One saying "It's just stupid, that's stupid".

Morin now faces aggravated assault charges and attempted murder charges. He boyfriend is said to be in stable condition and doing ok. (WSAV)



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