Man Receives $38 Million Electric Bill


A Man from Queens, NY just found out how pricey living in the world's biggest city can be.... but he never expected a $38 million dollar bill!

Tommy Straub is outraged and a bit in shock by the bill he just received from Con Edison. They said he owed $37.9 for his latest power bill for the 600- sq. ft. Astoria apartment he lives in. He took to twitter to show how ridiculous this was and wrote, "I do NOT own the entirety of Manhattan Island. THIS IS INSANE. FIX IT."

My favorite was his message back from the company when he reached out "Please let us know how we can help you", to which he replied "MY BILL ISN'T $37 Million!"

I'm pretty sure my heart would've stopped, when I saw this! And I was sweating over a $300 bill at my house over the winter. NO WAY! So insane. Now he'll have to spend countless hours on the phone trying to explain to half-minded people, that don't understand their job, in customer service to get it fixed. "I'm sorry sir but I don't have the ability to fix that large of a bill, so let me get you over to our other department that deals with outlandishly high, and completely ridiculous bills. Have a great day!"



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