Naked Man On Midtown Atlanta Roof In SWAT Standoff For 9 Hours


Atlanta SWAT officers where in for a very odd morning, trying to negotiate with a naked man on a roof in Midtown for 9 hours!

Atlanta Police showed up to a home in the 300 block of 4th Street after neighbors called about a naked man that had been yelling from a roof top since 5am. SWAT was eventually called after the man kept refusing to come down and police didn't know if he was armed or not. The home owner claimed that the man had broken into the home and climbed on the roof but didn't know exactly why.

Negotiators can be seen in the CBS 46 video above trying to talk the man down for hours. He was laying with his crotch rubbing against the ruff shingles, which seems highly painful. At one point officers blew up giant square inflatables below in case the man fell from the roof.


After a very long and quite bizarre incident, the man finally conceded to police negotiations and came down from the roof without incident and no one was injured.

How did this guy withstand the shingles on his junk and cold rain for so long? #DrugsRBadMmmK I know they used inflatables, but I'd argue there where probably some better inflatables at Starship Adult Store that could've ended this quicker. Just sayin.... I'm not SWAT though.



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