Two More Georgia Artists Shine On American Idol Sunday


There where stand-outs from Georgia on American Idol Sunday night. One can create an entire rave in his mouth, the other is a stunning model from Atlanta with an angelic voice that made Luke Bryan melt.

Mize Well is a new brand of beat boxer. He hails from little ole Chickamauga, GA and can get pretty creative with the beat box sounds he makes with his mouth. The judges where impressed by his unique ability but he didn't really showcase any vocal talent past that.

Katie Bell, from Atlanta, did wow the judges, especially Luke Bryan. I think he fell in love when she walked in the room.


Bell said she works in the entertainment industry doing modeling gigs and small acting gigs but really wanted to be a singer. By the end of the audition she had Luke bumbling like a jr. high crush and laying on the floor melted.

She had a pretty great voice but Katy Perry said regardless if she wins Idol, "she was made for this world".



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