Man Puts Naked Mannequins In Yard To Get Back At Obnoxious Neighbor


We've all had that ONE neighbor that was just annoying and awful. I've currently got one that tells my wife "I can't wait to see you jump on that trampoline"... yeah that's what I'm dealing with. One guy in California though, is getting back at his annoying neighbor with naked mannequins.

Jason Windus, a California homeowner, said his neighbor kept complaining about his fence being "too high" and finally turned him into the city. The homeowner claims that it's high because his dogs jump out easily if it's at "code". The city forced him to take the fence down or lower it, so now he's created a naked mannequin display for his neighbor to enjoy. It even has a sign that reads, "“Reserved seat for the nosey neighbor that complained about my fence to the city.”

Windus says it perfectly legal and he's gonna keep it up. “I guess the average person would have resentment and got angry, and I threw a naked party in my yard,” Windus told CNN.

See I can't do a naked display for my neighbor because then he'll always be over. This is hilarious though!



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