Golfer Phil Mickelson Told Jake Own "Here's $100 Go F*** Yourself"


WARNING: NSFW Language when Jake Owen tells how he got $100 and told off by Phil Mickelson.

Owen was on the Barstool "Foreplay" podcast when he revealed a funny run in with pro golfer Phil Mickelson. Jake is a big golf fan and saw Phil at a recent wedding for a mutual friend. He tells how he was a few drinks in when he decided to walk over and tell Mickelson "you owe me 29.99 for the sh***y golf" he had to pay to watch. He was talking about a recent match between him and Tiger.

Owen said the match was so hyped and they only had "3 birdies between the two of them", which he was so disappointed to watch. Mickelson didn't take the criticism well. That's when he handed Owen a $100 and said "I made 90,000 of these last night, now go f**k yourself!".

Mickelson even confirmed the story on his twitter!

I think Jake should probably send his new album to Phil before the Master with a note that reads "Here's some hype music so maybe you'll play better this time!"



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