Bed Sheets That Look Like Murder Scene Now For Sale

I am a self-proclaimed murder mystery fanatic. I love the shows and the podcasts but I'm not sure I want bed sheets that look like a murder scene.

Ambesonne, an online retailer of textiles and home décor has just introduced several option for murder scene, blooody bed sheets. One duvet cover has a giant bloody handprint with the word “REVENGE” scrawled in blood-dripping letters. Another similar set, has the word “HELP” displayed on it.

You can buy these sheet, as well as, shower curtains and table covers at Walmart, Amazon and Wayfair. You think this goes a little too far?


I get it for Halloween I guess, but even being a huge fan of those shows, this comes across as really insensitive. There are many people who have experienced this in real life and had family members dies in this horrific way, while having to see these real images in court. Having a desire for your bed sheets to look as if someone was murdered in them seems wrong.

Aside from that, if you are single and bring a person home to get things heated up.... this is going to be really awkward, when they encounter your sheets. If they don't have some sort of intuition or fear of you when they see this, that would shock me. Blood everywhere isn't a huge aphrodisiac.



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