Ax Throwing Is Fun And Games Till It Almost Hits You In The Face


I have yet to take part in the new trendy sport at bars and venues, which is ax throwing. These type of set ups are popping up every where these days and I keep saying that it looks really dangerous. Some places even let you drink while doing it. THAT CAN'T GO WRONG... RIGHT?!

A viral video of a woman doing the new Ax throwing game, almost became a "faces of death" clip, when the ax flew back at her head. Instagram user Cam Huber shared the video of when she almost died. Her cat like reflexes are the only thing that saved the ax from hitting her square in the forehead. This is scary! I'm shocked this doesn't happen more often.


I'll say it again. This is a horrible idea! Someone is really gonna be in the ER from doing this game.

This is how it's supposed to go:



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