Woman Smashes Car Into Concrete Barrier Because Of Spider On Dash


Most of us have had that moment of fear.... when you're driving alone and a spider pops out in the car! NOPE NOPE! A NY woman totaled her car because of her fear of said spider. #MoronMonday

Police in Cairo, NY shared pics of the crash on their Facebook page, saying the woman “panicked and crashed” when she saw the spider near her on the drivers side of the car. She survived the crash with a minor leg injury....but no one knows the fate of the spider.

They shared the pics and story as a warning to other drivers. “We know that it is easier for some drivers than others but PLEASE, try to teach new drivers and yourselves to overcome the fear and pull over to a safe place. Lives depend on it,” the police department wrote.


Here's another moment with a spider that caused a bizarre accident, when the woman jumped out of her car and ran!



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