Breathtaking Image Emerges From The Ashes Of Notre Dame Cathedral


One of the worst fires of our time destroyed a 900 year old religious icon, Notre Dame Cathedral. People around the world Catholic and Christians alike mourned the site of such a tragedy and seeing such history be destroyed. One picture that emerged from the ashes has people in awe.

Authorities believe the fire began from renovations that where being done. The damage was extensive and pretty bad. Millions of euro have already been donated to help rebuild the cathedral, French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault even pledged more than $130-million to rebuild the iconic cathedral.

There is one picture that is giving people hope in this tragic moment.


A photographer took this picture of a bright shining gold cross at the alter, still standing and glowing within the dust and smoke that remained. What an amazing sign of hope and love from a greater power. It's important to know that history never lasts forever, religious or not, but it'll be rebuilt and have a new look that was can all still revel at. The memories and pictures live on in our minds and hearts.

I was raised Catholic but now attend Gwinnett Church in Buford. I never had a chance to see the real Notre Dame Cathedral except for in pictures but I still felt the loss as it burned. I pray that they can restore most of it and refurbish it to it's former glory. What an icon!



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