You Can Now AirBnB A Giant Potato In Idaho


Ever wonder what it'd be like to stay in a giant vegetable? You can now do it in Idaho.

Idaho is home to a giant potato that's been turned into a stylish home. You can rent the potato on Airbnb for $200/night, and it's decked out with a queen-size bed, kitchenette, fireplace, and air-conditioning.

You can find it on Airbnb under Big Idaho Potato Hotel.

The description reads: “Stay in a 6-ton potato! This is the original potato that traveled countless miles across the country for the Idaho Potato Commission on the back of a semi-truck!”

The problem is.... who wants to go to Idaho?! It could be pretty fun though to get "baked" or maybe "loaded" in it. Haha

What a time to be alive, indeed!



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