3 Guys Arrested For Robbing A Best Buy After One Butt-Dialed 911


You know you aren't made for the criminal life, when your phone butt dials 911 during a robbery like these 3 guys going on the O Show #MoronMonday list. The easiest criminal capture for Sugarland, TX police happened last week.

It was like the 3 stooges robbing a best buy, when 3 guys in Sugarland, TX broke into the local store at 3 a.m. last week. They set off the alarm but managed to grab a bunch of stuff and high tail it before police got to the location. Whew... got away! Right? NOPE! As one was jumping in the truck, he sat on his phone, it butt-dialed 911 and dispatch could hear them getting away. (NY Daily News)

Listen to how they where captured on this weeks Moron Monday:



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