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What Job Requires 97 Hours Per Week, And Should Make Over 100K?

Tough question every week based on a survey, study or stat. It's The O Show's #HumpDaySurvey

Today was a jobs study recently done. It was found that this job requires 97 hours per week but is one of the lowest paying? They also found that in real terms, this job should pay about $100,460 a year and requires a TON of skills. What do you think?

Listen for answer:

Here's all these women have to accomplish each week:

65% say they are a chef/cook, while another 65% take on the role of meal planner, and 61% say they are their family’s cleaner. Other top “Mom Jobs” include:

  • Launderer (59%)
  • Teacher (59%)
  • Nurse (55%)
  • Life coach (53%)
  • Personal assistant 53%)
  • Therapist (50%)
  • Event planner (49%)
  • Chauffeur (49%)
  • Tutor (48%)
  • Cheerleader (45%)
  • Professional cuddler (45%)
  • Financial adviser (43%)

Special shout out to my wife! An amazing stay-at-home mom who works tirelessly to keep our train on the tracks. 3 Kiddos and a millions things to do! She's a superwoman! Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!


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