Georgia Makes Top Ten Most Road-Trip-able States

Tallulah Gorge

Lots of people will be hitting the road for vacation soon, and just in time for Memorial Day, a new survey (done on behalf of Ford) found that when it comes to travel, most Americans would rather take a road trip. According to survey respondents, 73% feel driving to your destination is a much better experience than flying. In fact, the average American would be willing to add six and a half hours to their travel time if it meant they could avoid the airport and plane and drive instead.

The plus-sides of road-trippin’, according to survey respondents: Scenic views (69%), being able to stop whenever you want (69%) and being able to pack whatever you want (57%).

According to the survey, these are the Top 10 Most “Road-Trip-able” States:

  1. California -- 34%
  2. Florida -- 26%
  3. Colorado -- 25%
  4. Arizona -- 22%
  5. Alaska -- 19%
  6. Texas -- 19%
  7. New York -- 19%
  8. Hawaii -- 17%
  9. Georgia -- 16%
  10. Maine -- 16% (SWNS)

Since GA made the list, I asked my OShow Fam to tell me some good spots to see around the GA:



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