HyperJet Being Created In Atlanta Could Get You To London In 90-Mins


Ever wondered what it would be like to go 3,300 mph? A new HyperJet being created in Atlanta may make a 90-minute trip from NY to London possible.

Aerospace company Hermeus Corporation, based in Atlanta, has an idea and just got financing to build a jet that will be the first of it's kind. "We've set out on a journey to revolutionize the global transportation infrastructure, bringing it from the equivalent of dial-up into the broadband era, by radically increasing the speed of travel over long distances," AJ Piplica, Hermeus' co-founder and CEO, said in a statement on the company's website.

According to CNN, this jet will travel around 3,300 mph (Mach 5), which is faster than the speed of sound and make travel to far distances a snap. Who know what that will do to someone's body! I'm interested but I ain't gonna be the first one in line for that flight. Also, with a $3,000 ticket price... that may count me out too. I'll just stay with the snail-mail flight on Delta or something.

It's not going to be anytime soon either. They still have to figure out the exact science to get a large jet to travel that fast. "We've sent small vehicles up and flown them hypersonically using scramjets, an advance type of jet engine. This is quite experimental and we've got a long way to go before we see these on a passenger aircraft," Piplica told CNN. We're probably looking at a good 10 years for the first trial, minimum.

What a cool idea and concept though! I'm so into crazy science like this and thinking in impossible terms to create the next technology! Love it!



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