Back On Stage, Granger Smith Tearfully Sings "Heaven Bound Balloons"


It was a powerful and emotional moment when Granger Smith took the stage for the 1st time since his sons death over the weekend. He got teared up singing a tribute to his song River called "Heaven Bound Balloons". You're gonna need some tissues.

Smith and his family had one of the worst tragedy's anyone could imagine strike their family. He lost his 3-year-old son River a few weeks ago, after he drowned at his home. He said it's extremely painful to deal with and they are taking it day by day. As any musician, music is his escape. That's why he got to writing a tribute to his son called "Heaven Bound Balloons" and just performed it for the first time at Country Lake Shake and had the entire crowd in tears. This was his first time on stage since the accident.

What a powerful moment. I'm not crying... you're crying!!



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