"Firework War" Ends With 12 Arrests And Multiple Fingers Lost


Central Arkansas police had to break up a "firework war" over the holiday when a crowd of 250-300 people started shooting mortars and giant fireworks at each other. Police body cam looks like a war zone. #MoronMonday

Police had a very dangerous job to break up this barrage of giant explosions and flames in Arkansas over the 4th holiday. Several police had minor burns but the people participating got it the worst. At least 5 people lost fingers or parts of their hand and 12 people where cuffed on various charges, according to Pulaski County sheriff's office spokesman Lt. Cody Burk. If you're losing fingers, then I assume you are probably one of the people holding the giant explosives in your hand to cause the war. Definitely going on the Moron Monday list today!


I've definitely broke out a roman candle fight or two in my youth (which is still highly dangerous), but never intentionally shot a giant mortar shell at another person. This is just idiotic.



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