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Morgan Wallen Chats About Being The Mullet Godfather & Plays Whiskey Never

Nominated for New Artist Of The Year at The CMA Awards and working his 3rd possible #1, Morgan Wallen has come a long way in the past few years. The "Godfather of the Mullet" talks about the ride to fame, bringing back the greatest hairstyle, and plays "Whiskey Never" with me before his FGL tour in Atlanta.

Otis caught up with Morgan Wallen before he took the stage at Lakewood in Georgia. He's had a pretty phenomenal year since his breakout hit "Up Down" last year. Otis recalled that last time they chatted saying "that song is going to change your life", and Morgan agreed that is had. "Gotta lot less time on my hands... but it's been incredible. We're playing in a lot of the same towns and it's been really cool to see what the difference is [now]"

He is excited for the CMA nomination for New Artist Of The Year but said his rewards is seeing his fans react at shows. The awards are more for "my family, my team...they get to be recognized with this award.... just to be nominated is special!"

Otis was a bit shocked he hasn't received an award for his hairstyle and bringing the mullet back! He gave Morgan the title of "Godfather of the Mullet" resurgence and Morgan was happy to accept the title. He's even had the AP interview him at a NY barbershop about bringing it back. So what inspired the redneck hairdo? "Bald eagles!"

Listen to him talk about all that and play "Whiskey Never" where he answers questions like:

Whiskey Never.....

Wake up in a random place without pants?

Caused an injury? (He still has one!)

Pull a crazy redneck stunt? (find out how he wrecked a Mule)

All that and more! Morgan Wallen is having the ride of his life right now and we're more than excited for him!

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